On 17th November 2022, IDP joined the Second Transnational Project Meeting of CARE, a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, which brings together seven partners from four countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium). The TPMII was held in Brussels and hosted by IHF asbl.

CARE is an international project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme, which aims to contribute to behavioural changes in people’s preferences, consumption habits and lifestyles, in line with the environmental policies adopted by the European Commission: the circular economy action plan, waste management policies and the present challenge of “making European recovery a Green Deal”.  

Moreover, the need for a project like CARE increases at this very moment, when the end of the Covid-19 pandemic is glimpsed. The mission of CARE is to promote responsible consumption through reuse, recycling, choosing locally produced goods, reducing waste and draining of water and energy, as well as raising social and environmental awareness and perceptions of the cultural worth of old and more austere habits. CARE will concentrate on four areas: responsible resource use, responsible food usage, and responsible garment use.

During the meeting, the consortium as a whole discussed about the overall project implementation schedule, defining timelines and respective duties. All consortium members discusses about CARE KNOWLEDGE, the virtual community of knowledge and experiences on responsible consumption, EduCARE, a set of awareness-raising and training courses for responsible consumption adapted to the target audience in the four areas to be promoted, and PROMOBIZ that will be a responsible business forum that will function  as a seedbed of ideas, creating a space for the reception of proposals from consumers and people with an entrepreneurial vocation.

IDP will manage the project’s Quality Assurance, as well as contribute to the research for Italy.

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