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IDP is official partner of the CARE project, an international initiative co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme and coordinated by the University of Malaga (UMA). The project aims to contribute to behavioural changes in people’s preferences, consumption habits and lifestyles, in line with the environmental policies adopted by the European Commission: the circular economy action plan, waste management policies and the present challenge of “making European recovery a Green Deal”.

The CARE project provides the chance to propose and filter ideas for future businesses that are creative, socially and economically viable, responsible, environmentally sustainable, and that support the growth of the circular economy. To reach this objective CARE partners developed PROMOBIZ, an innovative tool to evaluate entrepreneurial ideas from an environmental sustainability perspective, through specific parameters and criteria.

Discover the content of PROMOBIZ

PROMOBIZ offers an opportunity for everyone to express their ideas and contribute to improving the environment that surrounds us and that we live in.

In order to find initiatives and new business prospects that match the requirements of this project, PROMOBIZ, acting as a responsible business forum, will provide a venue for the reception of ideas from consumers as well as individuals and groups with an entrepreneurial vocation.

PROMOBIZ is aimed at all individuals with an entrepreneurial vocation, social and environmental sensitivity; at people who desire to engage in social innovation, as well as current businesses and companies, particularly SMEs, which have the concern to refocus their business to make it more sustainable. Lastly, PROMOBIZ is aimed at consumers, associations, community and neighbourhood groups that have identified the need for specific services and products.

By developing a platform that enables the examination and evaluation of ideas, PROMOBIZ will produce a unique and cutting-edge technique for the filtering of business ideas that combines economic feasibility with social and environmental viability.

If you have an entrepreneurial idea and want to test its sustainability, you can participate to PROMOBIZ and share your idea filling the form at the following link:

To know more about the CARE project:

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