WIDE – Women Integration through Digital Entrepreneurship – is a project co-funded by the EU Commission trough the ErasmusPlus Programme. It aims at exhorting women living in rural areas who are looking for their first job or are unemployed to create their own online business.

For the development of innovative training and to ensure coherence and effectiveness of the training, project partners developed the Rural Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Manual taking stock of the available guidelines and resources at both national and international level. Mapping of women integration through digital entrepreneurship trends and resources outlined qualitative and quantitative data, information, tools and solutions, to promote women potential entrepreneurship with a bottom-up approach.

The element of innovation is the benchmarking Result Description (including: needs analysis, target groups, elements of innovation, expected impact and transferability potential) against occupational competences and qualification frameworks of the Digital Entrepreneurship sector, to ensure that the training is relevant, timely and concrete.

For each country of the WIDE consortium, project partners created an updated short report based on existing data regarding actions taken to tackle the issue related to women integration through digital entrepreneurship in their homeland.

WIDE – Rural Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Manual and summary of the key findings in English, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Serbian and Macedonian language are available in the WIDE OER Platform:

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