More than 5.200 professionals trained through highly effective and practical specialized programmes.

IDP partners share their expertise with participants with interactive and participatory training experience.

IDP partners and trainers are expert speakers and highly trained in the use of interactive training methods and tools for professionals.


Clear and practical approach to all aspects related to the definition, development, management and reporting of EU projects:

• EU funding

• Project development

• Project drafting: tools and techniques

• Networking, consortium development and management

• Transnational Project Management

• Project reporting

• Dissemination and Valorisation strategies


The training modules are tailored to the needs, sector of interest, structure and size of the organisation and its specific operational needs.

IDP European Consultants develop together with the Client the most relevant training modules to ensure the most effective training experience by:

• designing the format of the programme, i.e. number of modules and their schedule, number of participants, depending on their functions within the organization

• outlining the content of the modules and their technical relevance

• defining the scale and scope of the modules, their sequencing and delivery mechanism


Over the years, IDP has delivered tailored training services for a wide array of organisations, ranging from universities, small non-governmental organisations seeking to mobilise EU funds for cooperation and development projects to large multinational corporations wishing to participate to EU procurement and tenders.

Some examples are:

• Proposal drafting

Building and managing an international consortium for a EU-funded project

• EU Project Management

• Budgeting and financial management

• Dissemination and valorisation of project results


IDP European Consultants provides training to universities, Small & Medium-sized Enterprises, corporations as well as federations and associations (of both business and Third Sector).

Moreover, we design and deliver training also for the international public sector and institutions of the likes of the European Commission and United Nations.

 In designing the On-Demand Training, clients can rely on a wide range of services available for delivery means, locations and added services. The training can be designed and delivered in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

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