On 29 November 2023, IDP participated to the international conference “HOW TO SUCCEED IN DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP – INSPIRATIONAL STORIES OF GENERATION Z WOMEN”, which took place at Next Zone in Prague. The conference was an important event within the Erasmus+ DIGITAL Z-WOMEN project, that sees IDP as partner and aims to empower Generation Z women with digital skills and entrepreneurship.

The international conference brought together experts, entrepreneurs and inspiring personalities in the field of digital entrepreneurship. The objectives of the event were to share key insights, strategies and success stories of women who have made their mark in the digital space and have created their own path to entrepreneurial success.

The theme of the conference was chosen in light of the rapid evolution of digital technologies and the growing technologies and the growing influence of Generation Z on the digital economy.

Conference participants had the opportunity to hear the latest information on digital trends, learn about best practises in digital trends and digital business, and be inspired by the success stories of accomplished women in the industry.

The international conference was part of the Erasmus+ DIGITAL Z-WOMAN project, which aims to provide women with the necessary tools, skills and support to engage actively in digital entrepreneurship. The DIGITAL Z-WOMAN project is an initiative supported by the European Union and a partnership with organisations dedicated to the development of women’s entrepreneurship.

Business representatives, experts and the public had the opportunity to participate in interactive discussions, workshops and presentations that provided a deeper insight into the into the issues of entrepreneurship in the digital world and to discuss the current issues and challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.

The whole team behind the DIGITAL Z-WOMEN project would like to thank all participants, speakers, partners and sponsors who contributed to the success of the conference.

This event serves as a further step towards the promotion of equality and the development of women entrepreneurship in the digital age.

For further information on the DIGITAL Z-WOMAN project:

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