The Erasmus+ DIGITAL Z-WOMEN project, co-funded by the European Commission, has produced a significant impact in its mission to empower young women in digital entrepreneurship. The project’s Closing Meeting, attended by IDP and the other partners, took place in Prague on November 28, 2023, marking the conclusion of a transformative journey.


The project was launched with a commitment to providing Gen-Z women with the essential tools, skills, and support needed to actively engage and thrive in digital entrepreneurship. The initiative, a collaboration with organizations dedicated to the development of women’s entrepreneurship, received support from the European Commission to address the gender gap in the digital business landscape.


Inspirational stories: to help Gen-Z women imagine the possibilities of digital entrepreneurship, the partners identified and interviewed 18 inspiring digital entrepreneurship role models who provided details from their digital entrepreneurship stories

A learning journey: partners created 10 training modules and related tools and resources to empower young women entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of the digital era with confidence

VET Tutorials: resources tailored to the specific needs of VET providers on how to use the DIGITAL-Z LEARNING JOURNEY and tools


The closing meeting held in Prague served as a platform for reflection, celebration, and collaboration. Partners gathered to finalise the last steps, share success stories, lessons learned, and discuss the future use of the DIGITAL Z-WOMEN results. The impact of this initiative extends far beyond its duration, leaving a digital legacy which supports VET providers across Europe and empowers Gen-Z women to make their mark in the digital entrepreneurship space.

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