IDP European Consultants announces the successful completion of a pivotal transnational project meeting for the Erasmus+ project “My Virtual World,” held in Brussels on May 22-23. The meeting was instrumental in ensuring the quality and efficiency of project results, as well as in enhancing the competencies of project partners.

Project Overview

“My Virtual World” – 3D Job Training for Autism, co-financed by the European Commission, aims to support young people on the autism spectrum in their journey towards sustainable employment. The project focuses on:

  • Adapting VET programmes to the skills and abilities of individual autistic learners, as well as to labor market needs.
  • Promoting innovative employment and training approaches through digital technologies in virtual reality.
  • Addressing digital transformation by using a 3D environment platform, enabling users to experience the journey of an autistic jobseeker.

Transnational Meeting Highlights

The transnational meeting in Brussels brought together project partners to discuss progress and future strategies. A major focus was on ensuring the quality and efficiency of the project outcomes. Participants engaged in detailed discussions and hands-on sessions covering various aspects of the project training developed by the Partnership:

  • Introduction to autism for employers and trainers
  • Training workplace & environment conditions for autistic employees
  • Work goals, job applications and interview skills for people with autism
  • Soft skills for people with autism
  • Developing social and soft skills for people with autism
  • Interviewing people with autism for employers
  • How to use the MVW 3D Environment to practise employability skills
  • Innovative training Curriculum
  • Using the platform for sustainable employment for people with autism

In addition, the meeting featured a comprehensive training activity to familiarise partners with the innovative digital technologies developed by one of the partners, School of Coding, particularly the augmented reality tools designed to simulate business scenarios and support the integration of autistic individuals in the workplace. The training activity was crucial for improving the competencies of the project partners that are now better equipped to implement these tools effectively in their respective organizations, ensuring the successful integration of autistic individuals into the labour market.

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