The e-Learning platform is finally online:
Upskilling and capacity building opportunities for migrants’ employability

After two intense years of programming, planning, implementation and development, the T2I project (Migrant’s Integration into Tourism Related Professions) is finally coming to an end.

The last project’s result is available to the public: an e-learning for low-skilled migrants in the identified Tourism-Related professions. The training content is free for public consultation and it is targeted to professionals and trainers, NGOs’ staff members (i.e., volunteers and administrative staff), formal and non-formal Vocational Education and training organisation, Adult Education stakeholders and groups of interests, etc., that wish to enrich their education offer with a new and innovative curricula designed by international professionals operating at EU level in the domain of capacity building for socio-economic integration of marginalised people. The training material focuses on the following:

Additionally, partners prepared for both targets and tutors additional notes on countries’ profile represented by the T2I’s consortium so as to help users in batter familiarising with German, Greek and Italian cultures.

You can access the platform by consulting the following link:


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