The WOMENGET READY project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, has reached a successful conclusion, marking a significant milestone in the effort to enhance women’s digital readiness and participation in the digital economy.

During two years of project’s implementation, partners worked together to provide tailored digital resources to empower women, increase their job opportunities and foster their self-confidence in the rapidly evolving digital landscape:

The Digital Readiness Competences Dictionary A comprehensive dictionary was created to support individuals in discovering digital competences across 11 targeted areas. This resource serves as a guide for women seeking to enhance their proficiency in the digital realm.

A Massive Open Online Course

The course focuses on developing the 11 essential digital competencies at both intermediate and advanced levels. Videos, lectures, texts, visual aids, quizzes, and one user forum offer an interactive learning experience.

The project introduced a cutting-edge self-assessment tool that enables users to evaluate their progress in any of the 11 digital competences. This tool serves as a valuable mechanism for women to track and measure their advancement.

Real-world role models were brought to life through female avatars, showcasing a diverse range of jobs in increasing demand within the digital sphere. These avatars serve as inspirational figures, encouraging women to explore and pursue digital-focused careers with confidence.

Partners are thrilled to see the positive impact of the WOMENGETREADY project, confirmed by the target group and stakeholders engaged during the piloting sessions and Multiplier Events. This initiative has not only equipped women with essential digital skills but has also inspired them to pursue rewarding careers in the digital sector.

The project has left a lasting legacy for trainers and learners across Europe, empowering women to embrace the opportunities presented by the digital revolution. As partners celebrate the achievements of this project, they commit to creating a future where women continue to thrive in the dynamic and evolving digital landscape.

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