This week, we have successfully launched the LEAP II project (Local Adult Education Policy II, Erasmus+) project, which is a follow-up of the LEAP I project, completed in summer 2023 and positively evaluated by the Erasmus+ National Agency. The partner teams from Italy, Romania, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia and Spain, led by AINova (Slovakia) virtually met at the kick-off international project meeting. The main goal of the project is to help local governments in their sustainability efforts, by developing so-called “green skills” or “skills for sustainability”.

As the partners are primarily involved in various forms of education for all ages, but especially for adults, the support to local governments and green skills is also designed through education.

A helpful framework for our efforts is the concept of Learning Cities, a UNESCO initiative that has been successfully implemented around the world. The LEAP II consortium will develop a series of case studies focusing on sustainability actions and education in already existing Learning Cities, which will serve as a guide for municipal leaders to develop the “green skills” of their citizens. The project will also produce a series of microlearning  materials for local governments and citizens and a manual with recommendations on how to build a Learning City in the context of smaller cities.

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