Partner organisations met in Helsinki to update each other on the progress of the project and prepare to launch the new Vademecum for Slow Navigation!

On 23 October, the third transnational partner meeting of the ‘Offline – How to quit with social media’ project was held in Helsinki. The meeting this time was hosted by the Finnish organisation ‘Learning for integration’ and coordinated by Marja-Lisa Helenius.

The respective project leaders were able to directly discuss the progress of the project and especially the latest project result, namely the Vademecum for Slow Navigation.

The Vademecum for Slow Navigation is intended to be a manual for gradual detoxification from social media with the aim of helping people to limit and reduce the time spent on social media.

In fact, over the past few weeks, after working out the general structure and agreeing on the different thematic sections of this last intellectual product, all partners have been working on the development of the section assigned to them.

The meeting was therefore crucial to review all the contributions and start systematising them in order to arrive at the final version that is expected to be ready by the end of November and uploaded on the OER platform by december 2023.

But the meeting was not all business! The partners were able to exchange views and new ideas for future collaborations, as well as enjoy pleasant breaks and a few walks around Helsinki’s attractions!

See you soon with the latest project news, in the meantime discover the courses of the Offline project available in the Training section of the platform!

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