In a significant step towards promoting inclusivity and diversity in the professional world, a pioneering online handbook has been launched by the “My Virtual World” (MVW) project’s partnership. This comprehensive resource aims to provide educational models, practical examples, recommendations, best practices, and didactic notes on employability for autistic individuals, while also offering guidance for creating supportive and inclusive job environments.

The handbook, a collaborative effort between autism experts, educators, and advocates, seeks to bridge the gap between autistic individuals and the workplace. It recognizes the unique strengths and talents that autistic individuals bring to various industries and endeavours to create a more inclusive job market that values neurodiversity. Key features of the handbook include:

  • Educational Models: The handbook offers a range of educational models designed to empower autistic individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for professional success. These models are tailored to accommodate diverse learning styles and preferences.
  • Practical Examples: Real-world scenarios and case studies are provided to illustrate how autistic individuals can navigate different workplace situations. These examples offer insights into effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and more.
  • Recommendations and Best Practices: The handbook compiles a comprehensive set of recommendations and best practices for employers, colleagues, and managers to create a more supportive work environment. This includes guidance on communication strategies, sensory considerations, and fostering a culture of inclusivity.
  • Didactic Notes: Detailed didactic notes accompany each section, providing additional context and explanations to enhance understanding. These notes serve as a valuable resource for both autistic individuals and those seeking to support them.

By addressing misconceptions and fostering awareness, the handbook aims to contribute to a more equitable society where autistic individuals are afforded the same opportunities as their neurotypical peers.

“When considering the possibilities for autistic people in relation to employment, it is essential to ensure that their rights are at the centre of our concerns. Moreover, the solutions developed to provide access in employment for autistic people should always be tailored to each person’s individual needs, as there is no one-size-fits all solution” said Harald Neerland, President of Autism-Europe, “This publication will provide readers with relevant insights into how to welcome autistic colleagues in the workplace to help bridge the employment gap and make your companies more inclusive of neurodiverse talents”.

The handbook is available for free download at The creators of the handbook encourage its widespread distribution and utilization across industries, academia, and advocacy organizations.

About the MVW project:

MVW is a transnational education and training initiative co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission which bring together six organisations from five different countries. The authors and contributors of the project include a team of experienced autism experts, educators, and advocates dedicated to fostering inclusivity and empowering autistic individuals in various professional settings. Their combined expertise ensures a comprehensive and practical resource for both autistic individuals and the wider community. All project deliverable are available in open access format and in multilanguage version (EN, FR, IT, SE) to ease the dissemination and spreading of positive impacts even among non-proficient ENG speakers.

The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein


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