Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

At IDP European Consultants we strongly believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is not only for large companies and multinationals. Small and Medium Enterprises play a crucial role in advancing social progress and are deeply rooted in local communities.  IDP has always implemented “responsible” and “open” business practices, even before CSR became trendy. From unwittingly socially responsible, we are now fully aware of the social role of enterprises. Social responsibility is now integral part of our strategy and operations, also with the ambition of contributing – in our small way – to the Sustainable Development Goals.


IDP senior staff devotes at least one full day per month for pro bono activities in support of associations and civil society organisations. Many organisations cannot afford the fees for advisory services and guidance on how to access grant-financing or implement collaborative projects. In this case, IDP senior staff gives back to society by providing technical assistance on how to structure proposals, develop consortia and also on project management aspects. IDP volunteers locally and internationally as there are no geographical requirements. Some basic criteria apply to qualify for this pro-bono services, for instance the recipient should commit to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN and have no political nor religious affiliations. The time of IDP devoted to volunteering is allotted on a first-come / first-served basis. You can reach out to us to check eligibility and availability for pro-bono technical assistance from IDP research@idpeuropa.com


We are strongly committed to civic participation and are always eager to engage with local communities in both formal and non-formal settings. We are actively committed to raise awareness about the process of European integration and the many opportunities available to different cohorts of beneficiaries.  IDP is often invited by schools, universities and local authorities to bring Europe closer to local realities.


At IDP we implement various measures to continuously reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, for instance:
We minimize printing and prefer digital versions of documents, as much as possible, both internally and externally with partners and clients.
Waste reduction
We are very considerate with the use of energy and water, for instance switching off lights, computers and appliances when not in use. We use efficiently heating and ventilation systems and recycle as much as possible.
Environmentally friendly supplies
When purchasing equipment and supplies we select the most eco-friendly solutions and products.
Travel and transportation
Even before the switch to digital triggered by the pandemic, we used to prefer digital interactions (videoconferencing) and travel only when required. At IDP we also prefer shared transport options when available and feasible (i.e. bus and trains).
  • At IDP European Consultants we are committed to grow responsibly and monitor trends and dynamics of CSR, especially for micro and small enterprises. Our CSR strategy and initiatives are informed by policy positions and guidelines from European institutions *.
  • A Sustainable Europe by 2030, European Commission
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