Enhancing entrepreneurial aptitude among women – The reACT platform is online!

19 May. The OER (Open Educational Resources) platform of the reACT project (Reassess and Act on Cross Competencies) is officially online at the link: https://react-training.eu/index.php


Within the platform it will be possible to consult the contents of the project including the results and tools developed during the implementation, in particular the Gender Impact assessment, the training solutions (that will be available for free) combined with guidelines for future use and information on the Associated Partners.

reACT is a project co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission developed by a Consortium of 7 Partners from 4 countries (Belgium, Italy, Spain and Turkey) with the aim to fill the working gender gap and promote the re-entry of women and new-mommies in workplaces through the following specific objectives:

  • Create an entrepreneurship aptitude among women and
  • Boost interpersonal competences to build a fertile network among women


The Platform, available in 4 languages (English, Italian, Spanish and Turkish) is edited by the Spanish partner IWS (Internet Web Solutions) and will be constantly updated with contributions from the reACT Consortium as a whole for the duration of the project and beyond.

In reACT IDP contributes to the technical and operational activities by carrying out analytical and stock-taking activities of the Italian VET ecosystem in relations to craft and micro entrepreneurship, In particular IDP contributes in structuring, developing, deploying and validating training materials and content. In addition, IDP brings into the project its consolidated experience in international project management and reporting. IDP will also collaborate with the Coordinator to ensure smooth implementation and monitoring of the project.

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