The PHAST-ETN project has 1 ESR/PhD research positions open, regarding a 3-year (36 months) contract period, during which it is intended that a PhD project is started, provided positive evaluation:

ESR #8: Micro-optical imaging system for multimodal non-linear endospectroscopy

– Host Institution: Grintech GmbH, Germany.

– Supervisors: Dr. Bernhard Messerschmidt (Grintech GmbH), Prof. Juergen Popp (Institute of Photonic Technologies – IPHT).

GRINTECH OFFERS a position of Early Stage Reseracher in the field of Optical Spectroscopy / Imaging / Microscopy with the research topic

“Micro-optical imaging system for multimodal non-linear endospectroscopy” in the context of Multimodal nonlinear imaging for clinical diagnosis in combination with laser ablation for selective tissue removal

The GRINTECH GmbH a micro-optics company in Jena was established as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute IOF in the year 2000 and employs currently 37 researchers, engineers and technicians. GRINTECH develops and produces micro-optical systems, in many cases using gradient-index microlenses with plane optical surfaces. Due to this, different plane optical components as GRIN lenses, fibers, prisms and beam splitters can be combined to very compact micro-optic imaging systems. Preferred applications are in the field of endomicroscopic imaging applications, in conventional miniaturized endoscopy as well as in displacement sensors in the field of optical metrology.


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