Self-Employability in Ancient Roman Routes available online!

The ALL ROUTES LEAD TO ROME website is officially online and available on It contains all the project information, implementation, its objectives and background as well as a specific section describing the partners involved. Furthermore, all the project results and outputs will be made freely available on the website.

ALL ROUTES LEAD TO ROME is a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission which involves a Consortium of 8 Partners from 5 countries (Belgium, Italy, Greece, North Macedonia and Spain).

The goal is to enable university students to identify and pursue the best strategies to maximize the economic return of the ancient routes network, develop basic and transversal skills such as self-reliance, leadership and ability to work in groups, problem solving, mastering of digital skills and multilingualism.

IDP participates in the project ALL ROUTES LEAD TO ROME whose objectives aim at offering training, tools and logistic support to university students who want to take the opportunity represented by the ancient Roman roads in terms of employability, self-employment and territorial development.

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