IDP launches the Executive Course on “Banking, Finance & Unconventional Risk Management” onboard of the Kruzenshtern, the second largest sailing ship in the world.

IDP is delivering, in collaboration with top-notch academic partners, the first “Executive Course on Banking, Finance & Unconventional Risk Management” that will be held in the unique location of the Kruzenshtern, the four-masted training ship of the Russian Navy and largest traditional sailing vessel still in operation. The Faculty includes renown international practitioners from industry and academia: Prof. Maurizio Pompella (University of Siena), Prof. Roman Matousek (University of Kent) and Lorenzo Costantino (IDP European Consultants). The course is structured in three sections: Session 1: Money, Banking & Stability Session 2: Alternative Risk Transfer & Structured Finance Session 3: Unconventional Financing Opportunities The Executive Course blends the passion for finance and sailing as it will be taking place on the Kruzenshtern, saling out of the Faroe Islands and landing in the harbor of Gdansk and cruising across the North Sea and the Baltic Sea from June 6 to June 12. There are different tuition fees depending on the time of enrollment; tuition fees include:
  1. Executive Course on Banking, Finance & Unconventional Risk Management
  2. Maritime educational programme of the Kruzenshtern
  3. Accommodation in a cabin for 8-12 people (private cabins available for a surcharge and pending availability)
  4. Meals (4 meals a day at the sea, 3 meals a day in the port)
  5. Branded t-shirt and vest
  6. Sea insurance
The Tuition Fee does not include transportation to Faroe Island and from Poland and transfers. For details about the programme, the faculty and registration, please visit and contact   Exec Kruz - Ship   EuRun- BIS                   Exec Kruz - map