Valorising and Nurturing Entrepreneurial Education across Europe. The Competences of Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

After several months of hard work, the ECI consortium achieved another very important result contributing not only to the development of the project, but also, and most importantly, to the international mainstreaming and valorisation of the EntreComp Framework, the official model for the nurturing of entrepreneurial competences published and promoted by the European Commission.

The training content designed to operationalise the framework at EU level is finally available online and it is free for consultation. Such important achievement is the tip of a long process that engaged partners for more than one year.

At the end of last summer, the ECI Partnership finalised a detailed cross-reference analysis among the EntreComp Framework, ESCO (the classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupation) and the EQF (European Qualifications Framework): a bond that the literature review – finalised during the development of the National Reports – proved to be highly consistent but still tangibly missing and not fully exploited.

The ultimate objective of this desk assessment was to establish an initial and operational connection between the EntreComp framework and the other two, allowing partners to operationalise a new model – the ECI model – for entrepreneurship valorisation and mainstreaming of entrepreneurial spirits across the VET dimension.

Each of the six competences selected by the partnership during the proposal as greater catalysts of “entrepreneurial attitudes”, has been reconducted to a specific dimension, field, and theoretical/operational setting of both ESCO and EQF, highlighting the different compliances by degree of consistency. We evaluated this degree by balancing each ESCO and EQF unit to the main and defining traits of each considered EntreComp competence as described by the same EU Joint Research Centre.

The results of this assessment can be found at the following link.

The development of the training modules kick-started during summer 2020; Partners invested energies, time, and efforts to comply with time schedule and quali/quantitative standards as discussed and foreseen during the proposal. The design of the modules in terms of content, structure, learning outcomes has been facilitated by a series of monthly brainstorming sessions in which partners had the opportunity to validate their ideas and have meaningful exchanges of views with their colleagues.

All training materials are EQF and ESCO compliant – a cross-referencing in which partners invested several months of close collaboration (please check the “Model” section for further references). The emerged results allowed partners to finalise a common methodology that provides for common understanding and shared guidelines upon all IO3-related activities.

The final Output consists in six training modules, each of which focusing on a specific EntreComp competence as highlighted by the framework. The material is organised as follows:

For a more comprehensive understanding of the subject, each training module is subdivided in further didactic units at the end of which there is a short self-assessment sheet. The training module comes with a short document (the so called “training fiche”) that summarises key concepts and main takeaways. Learners are recommended to an in-depth reading of both since they are highly complementary, rather than alternative.

In the Project, IDP brings its consolidated experience and expertise as a private provider of VET and adult education services. IDP has 25 years of experience in international and cross-border collaboration in the field of promotion of entrepreneurship and employability. IDP will greatly contribute to the technical and operational activities of the Project carrying out analysis and stock-taking activities of the Italian VET ecosystem pertaining to the project; contributing to structuring modules, developing methodologies for effective teaching and learning, materials and content.

For further information on ECI EntreComp and other IDP initiatives:




Imprenditorialità e Incubazione d’impresa: Risultati del progetto SUPER

Il progetto SUPER, Start-Up Promotion for Entrepreneurial Resilience, è cofinanziato dal Programma Erasmus+ della Commissione Europea, Azione Chiave 2 – Partenariati Strategici per l’Istruzione Superiore – con l’obiettivo di superare le barriere all’imprenditorialità e favorire l’incubazione d’impresa. Il progetto, avviato il 1 settembre 2015 ed appena concluso, è stato implementato da 6 Partners provenienti da 6 Paesi europei: Belgio, Italia, Regno Unito, Repubblica Ceca, Slovacchia e Spagna. Nei tre anni di lavoro è stato sviluppato un Toolkit a supporto degli Istituti di Istruzione Superiore nella fornitura di servizi di tutoraggio ed incubazione per aspiranti imprenditori, oltre che risorse formative e strumenti operativi rivolti agli studenti ed utili allo sviluppo di iniziative imprenditoriali proprie. I risultati del progetto ed una descrizione dettagliata del modello SUPER sono disponibili online sul portale di progetto, dove è inoltre possibile reperire i contatti per richiedere informazioni, condividere esperienze ed approfondire le possibili applicazioni del modello. Grazie alla sua consolidata esperienza, all’interno del progetto SUPER IDP European Consultants è stata responsabile del coordinamento e supervisione delle azioni di Monitoraggio, Valutazione e Quality Assurance. IDP European Consultants ha inoltre cooperato con gli altri Partner alla realizzazione del Toolkit di incubazione di impresa, di raccomandazioni e misure operative per l’attivazione di servizi di incubazione di impresa e meccanismi di supporto all’imprenditoria presso gli Istituti di Istruzione Superiore, e allo svolgimento delle azioni di test e convalida del Toolkit e delle risorse formative. Per ulteriori informazioni sul progetto SUPER e sulle attività di IDP European Consultans: loghi 3
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