CITIES BY HEART is approaching its final phase: Training and employability opportunities for migrants in the tourism sector

June 25, 2021

IDP European Consultants took part in the Closing Meeting of CITIES BY HEART, a unique journey in the heart of cities, an Erasmus+ Project of the European Commission which brings together six Partners from six countries, i.e. Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. The objective of the project is twofold: to create a link between the residents of these urban areas to avoid communal conflicts and to trigger an economic dynamic to respond to the precariousness of the inhabitants of disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

CITIES BY HEART embraces ambitious goals of social inclusion through the very concept and design of its training offer. It includes a first phase of training “peers”: socio-educational facilitators, actors of multicultural and disadvantaged territories, heads of social centers or associations. Then, in a second phase, it includes a transfer of skills to young underprivileged European citizens who also have a personal background in relation to immigration and encounter problems of integration into the labor market.

Throughout the previous months, Partners selected and trained a small cohort of adult migrants (i.e. seniors) willing to experience a new training opportunity as tourist guide.

Seniors accompanied a selected group of “Visitors” around urban areas of touristic relevance as if they were experiencing the city with their own eyes and memories. Visitors were selected based on specific profiles as identified by Partners during proposal.

Each Visitor’s profile was unique in its own way so as to enlarge as much as possible the range of cultural and social backgrounds tackled by the project:

  • Slow traveller: a curious traveller who wants to get off the beaten path
  • Green traveller: a local who wishes to learn more about his/her own city
  • Neighbour: a person who shares the same migratory background of project’s targets
  • Academic: a person with an academic background in urban diversity and intercultural communication
  • Innovator: a tourism professional curious to see how the project plays out

With the help of Partners, Seniors proceeded to transfer their knowledge to another selected group of young migrants (i.e. Juniors) in charge of replicating the experience after developing a tourist itinerary on their own.

During the meeting, Partners exchanged considerations on what achieved so far, impacts and tangible results, further ways to sustain the uptake and validation of the project. Before the conclusion of the project, Partners will engage Juniors even further as targets of individual and F2F coaching sessions to better train them on job-hunting and skills for employability.

In the Project, IDP brings its consolidated experience and expertise as a private provider of VET and adult education services. IDP has 25 years of experience in international and cross-border collaboration in the field of promotion of entrepreneurship and employability. IDP will greatly contribute to the technical and operational activities of the Project carrying out analysis and stock-taking activities of the Italian VET ecosystem pertaining to the project; contributing to structuring modules, developing methodologies for effective teaching and learning, materials and content.

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