IDP at the seminar “Local and regional partners contributing to Europe 2020”

IDP European Consultants attended the seminar “Local and regional partners contributing to Europe 2020”, in Brussels, on 5th of March. Organised by DG REGIO, the seminar has been an important moment to discuss and explore the governance processes at work and stimulate learning and the exchange between cities and regions. The seminar is based on a DG REGIO study of concrete examples of multilevel governance in support the Europe 2020 objectives in the fields of energy efficiency and of social inclusion. The study shows that governance processes benefit from bringing together stakeholders from different levels of governance and different policy fields and are crucial for implementing Europe 2020 objectives on the ground. At the seminar key lessons of the study has been presented and discussed, highlighting examples of multilevel governance processes supporting Europe 2020, as well as the possibilities and challenges when transferring them from one city or region to another. The seminar has mainly focused on two panel discussions (one on energy efficiency and one on social inclusion) and discussion with the seminar participants. With more than 20 years of experience, IDP European Consultants has a proven track record in the preparation of project proposals for EU grant financing and in the management of EU funded transnational projects. In the Call for Proposals 2014 of Erasmus Plus, IDP team reached a success rate of 80% of proposals approved for funding. IDP European Consultants shares its 20 years experience through the Master Class in EU project financing, held in Brussels in cooperation with the Brussels Office of the Italian Trade Agency. The MasterClass is a consolidated and fully validated programme deployed for more than 40 editions since 1999, based on the practical expertise and experience of IDP European Consultants and embedding the “Shock Therapy”, a practical workshop developed by IDP to simulate the preparation of the proposal, its submission and the evaluation process. For more information about IDP European Consultants and details about the next edition of the Master Class:   Add us on Facebook: Or on LinkedIn:  
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