School Internationalization & Development: IDP in Lodz (PL) for the 3rd Meeting of SLIDE, a European Project Funded by Erasmus+

a25fec77-b65b-4729-8e0c-775cbb5703be The 3rd Meeting of the SLIDE (SchooL Internationalization & DEvelopment, KA2 Strategic Partnerships for School Education) was held in Lodz (PL) on November 6th, 2019. The Project has a Consortium of 6 Partners from 6 Countries (Belgium, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey and UK). Such Project aims to take advantage of the opportunities represented by internationalization and digitalisation, incorporating creativity into everyday practice and helping schools develop skills in their staff members, visionary leadership skills for their managers specific problems for a disadvantaged student, school dropout and reduction of disparities in learning courses (public schools, schools included or simply less experienced in the use of internationalization and potential for digitization). During the meeting, the Partners discussed the Internationalization Team Toolkit and its progress, School Internationalization, Digital Development & Creativity Embedding on-line training for teachers and school managers, Dissemination, Exploitation and Visibility issues as well as Quality Assurance matters specifically by IDP. IDP brings its consolidated experience and expertise as a private provider of professional training for entrepreneurship, competitiveness and employability. Moreover, IDP presents in the project its consolidated experience in the management and reporting of international projects. IDP will also collaborate with the Coordinator to ensure implementation and monitoring of the project.   For further information about SLIDE and IDP: Project Website: Facebook: IDP Bruxelles LinkedIn : IDP European Consultants      SLIDE Banner IDP  
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