IDP European Consultants has a proven track record in the preparation of project proposals to access the grant financing opportunities provided by the European Union’s programmes. In its more than 20 years of experience, IDP European Consultants has worked with universities, firms and organisations of the Third Sector to identify the most suitable funding instrument to mobilise EU funds and grants. In addition to helping clients, IDP European Consultants itself uses grant financing programmes of the European Union to implement projects in various domains, from public policy to financial engineering: below a sample of projects currently being implemented by IDP European Consultants

OfflineOFFLINE: How to quit with social media
dewDigital Entrepreneurship for Women
wideWomen Integration Through Digital Entrepreneurship
genieGamification & Education to Nurture Intrapreneurship at Enterprise
flyLearn Financial Skills Online On Our Training
amtechDevelopment of an aviation aerospace mechatronics technician curriculum
digital z womenEmpower Gen-Z women with digital entrepreneurship skills
e4fFemmes Chefs d’entreprise à l’Export hors de l’EU
diversityRegulation of work ability in micro and small enterprises (MSEs) through multimedia adapted tools
akkuGlobal competence for advancing social inclusion and career path of vulnerable women
diversityPolicy Evaluation Tools for Adult Learners
diversityCybersecurity for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
diversityDigital Entrepreneurship for Adult Learners
diversityEntrepreneurial Capacity-building for Sport
diversityLocal Adult Education Policy
diversityFair Food for a Smart Life
diversityNurturing Intangible Cultural Heritage for Entrepreneurship
diversitySmart Working: Innovative & Flexible Training for SME
diversityVocational Education Solutions and Tools for fAmily enterprises
diversityRural Entrepreneurship Leveraging Advanced training for Young farmers
diversityIncluding Migrants through Organisational Development and Programme Planning in Adult Education
diversityMigrants’ Integration into Tourism-Related Professions
logo-routes2All Routes Lead To Rome
logo-deepDigital Entrepreneurship for Employability Paths
logo-ideaInspiring Digital Entrepreneurship

EntreComp Implementation


a Unique Journey in the Heart of Cities

logo-act-smeEmotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship in VET
logo-act-smeTraining on Entrepreneurial Skills for EU Start-ups
logo-act-smeSustainable Tourism Innovative Training
logo-act-smeDigital Empowerment for Low Skilled Adults
logo-act-smeSocial Education per Tardivi Digitali
logo-act-smeArts & Traditional Crafts Academy
logo-act-smeSelf-Employability in Remote Regions of Europe
logo-act-smeInternationalization of Schools
logo-act-smeStrengthen Higher Education through Innovative Financial Tools
logo-act-smeFormazione per Agricoltura Sociale e Sviluppo Territoriale
logo-act-smeCompetitive Regions and Employability of Adults Through Education
logo-act-smeAcquisitions of key competences for economic and social sustainability


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