PRESERVING TRADITIONAL ARTS AND CRAFTS : IDP Joins the 2nd Meeting of the ARTCademy Project Funded by Erasmsus +

On May 9th , IDP participated in the 2nd meeting or ARTCademy in Krakow, Poland, together with 9 Partners from 7 Countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain). The Project treasures European craftmanship sector by preserving ancestral knowledge about possibly soon-to-disappear jobs and providing artisans and crafts with the very business tools and skills to survive and strive. At the meeting, Partners discussed the status of the project and the platform development: the latter will be created and called “CRAFTpedia” in which a set of digital learning materials, i.e. videos, descriptions, books, articles, TV documentaries, pictures, etc. will concern traditional arts and crafts, which will be classified by art-craft trades and guilds, easy to use and accessible to everyone.   ARTCademy IITM Partners   Partners are working on a repository of artisan knowledge which is clearly linked to the “social and educational value of European cultural heritage” priority since it aims to preserve traditional knowledge about artisan professions. Courses will be based on fiches which will deployed the thorough knowledge of partners both in crafts and microbusiness, training solutions and capacity building for the micro and small enterprises. IDP contributes to the technical and operational aspects of ARTCademy with activities regarding stock-taking of the Italian VET, developing training materials and giving significant contribution to the final version of the training via Test & Validation. Moreover, IDP showcases its proven experience regarding International Project Management and Reporting and cooperate with the Coordinator to make sure implementation and monitoring of the Project be smooth.   For further information about ARTCademy and other IDP initiatives: IDP website: Facebook: IDP Bruxelles IDP LinkedIn: IDP European Consultants   logo ARTCademy IDP  
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