The OER REVEAL 2 Project developed by IDP European Consultants selected as the first among 165 proposals submitted under the Erasmus+ in Italy

Another success in EU Project Financing for IDP European Consultants: the OER REVEAL 2 Project developed by IDP European Consultants was the first in the list of approved projects under the Key Action 2 for the Adult reveal269Learning theme of Erasmus + in Italy.   Such success confirms the technical capacity and operational excellence of IDP European Consultants: the REVEAL 2 project scored first among the 165 proposals submitted, of which a mere 7.8% was selected for funding.   Open Educational Resources – Raising Effectiveness of Volunteering in Europe through Adult Learning REVEAL 2 is a repeater of the REVEAL Project that was funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme and that was considered a best practice project both at evaluation for financing and at final evaluation after the successful completion of the project.   REVEAL 2 envisions a consortium of 12 partners from 11 Countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Polond, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the UK) and aims to expanding the scale and the scope of the REVEAL project devoted to enhancing the capacity of the Third Sector and volunteering in Europe   IDP European Consultants assists a variety of clients from the Third Sector as well as companies and local authorities in the identification of the most suitable grant-funding mechanisms among the plethora of opportunities provided by the EU funding instruments.     For more information contact us  
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