EU INDUSTRY DAY 2021 – IDP partecipa a “The Green Factory – Local Event per l’Abruzzo”

Il 18 e 19 Marzo 2021, IDP European Consultants prenderà parte all’evento “The Green Factory – Local Event per l’Abruzzo”, organizzato da INNOVALLEY, INVITALIA e HUBRUZZO nell’ambito degli EU INDUSTRY DAYS 2021. Nonostante le restrizioni derivanti dalla pandemia COVID-19, la due giorni di conferenza online riunirà esponenti del mondo accademico, industriale, del terzo settore e […]

AKKUEurope: Regulation of the work ability in EU small and micro enterprises through multimedia tools

Officially kickstarted in November 2020, AKKUEurope is an international project co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme.MSMEs play an important role in the European economy but are particularly affected by a shortage of young talent, as they are unable to compete with the services offered by Medium-Sized Enterprises and large companies in various […]

Cybersecurity for microenterprises and SMEs: adapting concrete training solutions to their needs

Officially launched at the very end of 2020, Cyber-MSME is an international project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The project gathers six Partners from five different countries (Belgium, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Spain) that throughout the following two years will work together to develop, test, consolidate and establish training solutions and […]

Evaluating the Adult Education provision: the CREATE2Evaluate Platform as an open online resource for local policy makers

CREATE2Evaluate is an international project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme which aims to enhance performance and efficiency in Adult Education (AE) by addressing the gap between EU/national strategies and local/regional implementation as well as the challenge of formulating appropriate AE policy. The goal is to enable policy makers to better coordinate and plan policy, share […]

The LEAP Platform is finally online: a digital repository for the strategic planning of local adult education policies

The LEAP project responds to the need to increase adult participation in formal, non-formal and informal learning set out at local, national and EU level. Given the evidence of a disconnect between the macro level of policy (EU dimension) and the micro level (local/regional dimension), LEAP directly targets local decision-makers and the technical staff of […]
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