Innovazione e Qualità: IDP a Pescara in Occasione del ‘100 Innovation Stories Abruzzo’

Today Sept 23, 2019, the event ‘100 Innovation Stories Abruzzo’ took place at the Petruzzi Auditorium in Pescara (IT) where a display of local talent and efficiency were showcased perfectly in line with the Made in Italy tradition. c4baa025-75f9-4f1b-aa23-72427b867987 duck Other than the presence of members of local corporates, Taumat S.r.l. was present, founded by Mario Lorenzi in 1987, which boasts cooperation with 4 Japanese corporations and other foreigner big players. In the picture, you can see the ‘Duck’ model, invented by Alessio Lorenzi, sales manager  and owner of the project: a three-wheeled scooter, obtained by the use of old scooters’ scraps plus electrical components. For further info regarding IDP and TAUMAT: Facebook: IDP Bruxelles LinkedIn : IDP European Consultants       logo_IDP
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