IDP in Israel for a workshop on EU funds for innovation and research

IDP held a workshop on European funding for research and Horizon 2020 at the Bar Ilan University of Tel Aviv. Lorenzo Costantino, partner of IDP European Consultants, delivered an interactive workshop to illustrate the mechanisms of European funding for research and innovation, in particular the Horizon2020 Programme, ERC Grant and the Marrie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. IDP European Consultants shares its 20 years experience through the Master Class in EU project financing, held in Brussels in cooperation with the Brussels Office of the Italian Trade Agency. IDP has a consolidated experience in the preparation of proposals for EU grant funding as well as the management of EU funded projects with large international consortia. Get in touch for more information on the MasterClass, IDP’s projects and services: Look for us on Facebook: Or get in our network on Linkedin: BIU pic  
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