IDP participated in the All Routes Lead to Rome Online Meeting

IDP took part in the second project management meeting of the All Routes Lead to Rome project. Due to the Covid pandemic, the meeting, originally scheduled in Brussels, took place online based on a program developed and shared jointly by all partners.

During the meeting, the partners discussed the state of the art of the project and the changes to the deadlines, which were extended due to COVID-19. Specifically, they focused on the creation of the Open Educational Resources platform which is online at In addition, the partners presented the mapping on the entrepreneurial possibilities of the roman routes developed during the production of Intellectual Output 2.

In the coming months the work will be focused on the development of Training contents to be loaded on the platform in order to offer non-formal education courses on entrepreneurship related to tourism issues also aimed at disadvantaged people.

IDP is a strategic partner to provide technical content on skills for growth, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, in particular by providing input for the development of training for the managerial and entrepreneurial dimension. In particular, IDP will be involved in providing inputs for the development of the project training contents. IDP will contribute also by sharing its experience and practice with other partners concerning proper project management, financial management and internal quality control.

All Routes Lead to Rome is a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission which involves a Consortium of 8 Partners from 5 countries (Belgium, Italy, Greece, Macedonia and Spain).

The project aims to enable university students to identify and pursue the best strategies to maximize the economic return of the ancient routes network, develop basic and transversal skills such as self-reliance, leadership and ability to work in groups, problem solving, mastering of digital skills and multilingualism.

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