IDP took part to the CITIES BY HEART’s Project Management Call

IDP took part to the monthly project management online call of CITIES BY HEART, in order to monitor the state of implementation of project activities and results. The main aim of the online call was to check the level of development of the training courses on “how to become an intercultural guide”. Furthermore, the partners agreed on the layout of the public platform that will be available online in the following months and defined the dissemination strategies that the Consortium will undertake to tackle the issues coming from the COVID pandemic. Next step of the implementation foresees the mapping of Urban Routes and Excursion Programs in Europe that will culminate in a final report at EU level.

CITIES BY HEART is a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission which involves a Consortium of 6 Partners from 6 countries (Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal).

The goal of CITIES BY HEART Project is to promote a type of responsible tourism “at zero kilometre” in which protagonists are citizens with a family or individual migratory path (whether new entrants or settled in the neighbourhood for several generations) original they want to share. The objective is twofold: to create a link between the residents of these urban areas to avoid communal conflicts and to trigger an economic dynamic to respond to the precariousness of the inhabitants of disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

IDP organizes, manages and provides specialized high quality teaching and learning services for adults. In addition to serving private sectors, IDP offers services to institutional clients from national and regional governments. In CITIES BY HEART, IDP will also contribute by sharing its experience and practice with other partners regarding good project management, financial management and internal quality control.

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