IDP European Consultants joined the online Kick-Off meeting of the LEAP Project

On November 24 and 25, 2020, IDP European Consultants joined the online Kick-Off Meeting of LEAP (Local Adult Education Policy), a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, which brings together seven Partners from six countries (Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Spain). The Kick-Off Meeting, hosted by Academia Istropolitana Nova (AINova), was originally planned in Svätý Jur (Slovakia) but has been rescheduled online due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The project responds to the need to increase adult participation in formal, non-formal and informal learning set out at local, national and EU level.

Given the evidence of a disconnect between the macro level of policy (EU dimension) and the micro level (local/regional dimension), LEAP directly targets local decision-makers and the technical staff of local authorities to ensure they are aware of the importance of AE and that they are prepared to draft impactful local AE policies.

To increase policy effectiveness, however, the project encourages cooperation with the wider AE ecosystem and thus also targets the full range of stakeholders involved in AE, such as education providers, learning centres, cultural centres, and the civil society.

Drawing on their experience as AE providers and on lessons learnt from previous projects, LEAP partners will first map the current policy landscape in terms of participation in AE so as to have a thorough understanding of the complex interplay of threats to and opportunities for inclusion.

Partners will then condense the findings in a final report, which will serve as a basis to develop an innovative Toolkit for policy-makers and a training module. The Toolkit will be an organised body of knowledge in the domains of local policymaking and AE and will focus on civic education, climate change, digital skills, health education and pandemic-related threats.

Both the Toolkit and the training material will be tested to make sure they are effective, and feedback will be taken into account to address any shortcoming if need be.

In addition to the Toolkit and the training module, LEAP will also produce a practical Guide on local adult policy making to accompany policy-makers in the drafting of policy documents.

All LEAP results will available in multilingual versions, free of charge and without restrictions through the OER platform.

In the Project, IDP brings its consolidated experience and expertise as a private provider of VET and adult education services. IDP has 25 years of experience in international and cross-border collaboration in the field of promotion of entrepreneurship and employability. IDP will greatly contribute to the technical and operational activities of the Project carrying out analysis and stock-taking activities of the Italian VET ecosystem pertaining to the project; contributing to structuring modules, developing methodologies for effective teaching and learning, materials and content.

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