Economic and Social Sustainability in Europe: IDP joins 3rd meeting of AXESS in Athens, Greece

On December 13th, IDP met with the other 8 partners from 7 Countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) in Athens, Greece, to discuss specific points of AXESS (Acquisition of Key Competences for Economic and Social Sustainability). AXESS is a European Project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2, which aims at developing and validating innovative trainings to improve digital competences of low-skilled European adults, particularly focusing on adult women. So far, AXESS developed 10 Training modules and 49 Training Fiches in 7 languages (English, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Romanian, Slovakian and Spanish) published on the AXESS OER Platform on During the meeting, partners revised the OER (Open Educational Resources) Platform and finalised the training courses developed. Also Partners saw the agreement upon both timeline and delivery of training under the Test and Validation phase as well as the tools and methods to gather feedbacks from participants. 269b36e876e375e05083f78293992209_M Moreover, Dissemination and Quality Assurance were significant points to be discussed in order to enforce the project visibility and ensure high quality of project outputs and results. In the AXESS project, IDP carried analyses of the situation in the domain of digital skills for adult women in Italy, supports Project Management and manages Quality Assurance of the project. For further information on AXESS and IDP European Consultants, please contact: Facebook: IDP Bruxelles LinkedIn: IDP European Consultants   axessidp
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