IDP at the “China-EU Urbanisation Partnership Fourm”

IDP European Consultants attended the event “2015 China-EU Urbanisation Partnership Fourm”, in Brussels, 29th of June. The conference was based on the new China-EU partnership on urbanisation established in 2012 in response to the speed and scale of urban development in China. The main aim of the partnership is to learn from each other and exchange good practices on how to deal with the theme of sustainable development for cities. During the specific session “Transition towards sustainable cities”, it has been highlighted that the process of sustainable transition and development to low carbon cities should come through different approaches: a systemic approach, a multi-stakeholder approach, an approach that combine sustainable cities and a sustainable supply chain and with the cooperation among the different levels of government. Moreover, speakers stressed that the involvement of citizens and local administration is crucial because is the only way to start a new process of renovation, as the main changes come from active citizenship guided by the rules settled down by local and regional authorities. IDP European Consultants operates in Brussels since 1991 and has a consolidated experience in European financial instruments and programmes ranging from grant financing to EU procurement and tenders. IDP European Consultants assists clients in identifying the most suitable source of grant financing and in developing the project proposal and consortium to seek EU funding. IDP European Consultants shares its 20 years experience through the Master Class in EU project financing, held in Brussels in cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency. Next edition is scheduled for 17-20 November 2015. For more information about events, projects and IDP services, contact us: Add us on Facebook: Or on LinkedIn: EU China
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