IDP in Moscow at the Higher School of Economics to Present on Blockchain and Fintech

Lorenzo Costantino, Sr. Partner of IDP, visited Moscow as a speaker at the XX International Academic Conference on Economic & Social Development hosted by the Higher School of Economics of Moscow.  Mr. Costantino presented the paper he recently co-authored with Prof. Maurizio Pompella of the University of Siena on “Fintech and Blockchain based Innovation: ’Uberization’ of Banks in the Context of Financial Intermediaries Theory”. Pic FB8 Mr. Costantino presented in “Session E-09: Cryptocurrencies” where other speakers discussed about market and credit risk for cryptocurrencies and underpricing of Initial Coin Offerings.  IDP is consolidating its expertise in financial innovation and FinTech as alternative means of risk-finance for innovation and SMEs.  The conference in Moscow was a very interesting opportunity to brainstorm with international practitioners on the future applications of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. Pic FB9   IDP is a niche consulting company specialised in Eu funding programmes and financial instruments.  With a presence in Brussels since 1991, IDP boasts a success rate of up to 80% in EU funding and a proven track record in project management. IDP is currently involved in 18 EU funded projects with more than 90 partner organisations from 20 countries.  Get in touch to explore opportunities provided by EU funding programmes.   For more information about IDP: Facebook: IDP Bruxelles IDP LinkedIn: IDP European Consultants
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