IDP held the Multiplier Event of the SUPER Project on November 23rd at the University of Pescara

IDP organised a Multiplier Event to share the results of the SUPER Project within the seminar “European Programmes for Competitiveness: Erasmus+ and University for the young entrepreneurship” at the University “G. d’Annunzio”, Pescara (Italy).  More than 50 people representing students, entrepreneurs-to-be, stakeholders of entrepreneurial education and entrepreneurship facilitators attended the Multiplier Event. The SUPER Project aims at overcoming the barriers to entrepreneurship by developing a toolkit for HEIs to establish effective mentoring and incubators for aspiring entrepreneurs and training resources and business tools for students to put entrepreneurship into practice and develop their businesses. IDP put great emphasis on the various Intellectual Outputs, presenting the SUPER OER Platform as a “focal point” for business incubation at University. Participants were interested on the two practical aspects of SUPER: the toolkit for Universities and the training for students. Students and representatives of entrepreneurial education were particularly interested in promoting the adoption of SUPER results and products through their networks.  The Multiplier Event proved effective in scaling up the SUPER Project and allowed IDP to collect valuable feedback from participants on how to best promote the adoption of outputs. For further information on the SUPER Project and IDP activities:
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