IDP participates in the third Consortium meeting of the GOAL Project that was held in Wien on 13– 14 November

IDP is a partner of the GOAL Project, co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission (replaced, for the period 2014-2020, by the new programme Erasmus Plus), with a fundamental role in the context of provider of high quality practical trainings.goal2 The 7 GOAL project partners (from Italy, Greece, Austria, Turkey, Poland, Germany and Norway) met in Wien for the third Consortium meeting to continue the exchange of innovative ideas, materials and best practices about the management and implementation of an AL idptraining course. In particular, following the checklist set in the previous meetings, the consortium in-depth analysed the following topics: training material, feedback management, client retention and reputation, contributing to the debate with their personal experience and background as AL providers in various cultural and geographical contexts. Moreover, during the meeting, the consortium set some internal models of deliverables available on-line to be shared with the public. For more information on the GOAL project, check the website: www.goalproject.euíndice
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