IDP in Malaga for the kick-off meeting of OER CRAFT project funded by Erasmus+

IDP is a key partner of the Open Educational Resources for the development of Arts and Crafts – OER CRAFT that was launched officially in Malaga on 16 and 17 September 2015. The OER-CRAFT project aims at developing innovative training solutions to enhance the competitiveness of existing microenterprises and the establishment of new micro and craft-type enterprise, with a focus on female entrepreneurship. The project brings together 8 partners from 6 countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) and is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission. The principal aim of the project is to identify specific capacity gaps of microenterprises and craft-type enterprises to then develop training modules freely accessible both on an open platform, with multilingual contents and through face-to-face courses. IDP European Consultants operates in Brussels since 1991 and has a consolidated experience in European financial instruments and programmes ranging from grant financing to EU procurement and tenders. IDP European Consultants assists clients in identifying the most suitable source of grant financing and in developing the project proposal and consortium to seek EU funding. IDP European Consultants shares its 20 years experience through the Master Class in EU project financing, held in Brussels in cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency. Next edition is scheduled for 17-20 September 2015. For more information about the OER CRAFT project and IDP, contact us: Add us on Facebook: Or on Linkedin: Erasmus
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