Sustainable Tourism Innovative Training: IDP European Consultants joined the Closing meeting of SUSTAIN IT

November 25th, 2020. IDP European Consultants joined the online closing meeting of SUSTAIN IT (Sustainable Tourism Innovative Training). The project, implemented by eight Organisations from six European countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Iceland, Ireland, Italy and Spain) was aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the sustainable tourism sector by developing and delivering innovative, concrete and actionable training to tourism sector’s operators (current and prospective). In particular, SUSTAIN IT is targeted at individual professionals, microenterprises or SMEs in any sector of the tourism value-chain (transport, guide, accommodation, food & drink, etc.).

The Partnership, after 24 months of implementation, already delivered the training both via traditional means (face-to-face) and through the dedicated Open Educational Resource available at

During the meeting, held online due to COVID-19 pandemic, partners discussed the latest activities needed to close the project, sharing the results of each project task. Furthermore, Dissemination results were showcased, and suggestions were proposed to further improve the impact before the end of the project. Administrative aspects and reporting were finally addressed, along with the Quality Assurance section, meant to improve the overall level of the project.

In the Project, IDP brings its consolidated experience and expertise as a private provider of VET and adult education services. IDP has 25 years of experience in international and cross-border collaboration in the field of promotion of entrepreneurship and employability. IDP will greatly contribute to the technical and operational activities of the Project carrying out analysis and stock-taking activities of the Italian VET ecosystem pertaining to the project; contributing to structuring modules, developing methodologies for effective teaching and learning, materials and content.

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