Workshop “Proposal Drafting in English”

Brussels – 24 e 25 November 2014   Preparing a project proposal in English for non native-speakers may represent a challenge throughout the entire project cycle, from the definition of the project consortium to the implementation phase non-native speakers benefit from precise communication and drafting abilities.  When drafting a proposal in English, specific techniques may help in shaping arguments, corroborating statements and providing sound and credible elements.   IDP European Consultants developed the Workshop “Proposal Drafting in English” to share with participants tips and tricks on the use of sharp business English throughout the project lifecycle, from communication with potential partners to the drafting of the proposal.   The workshop is based on the more than 20 years of direct experience of IDP European Consultants in the preparation of successful proposals for EU funding and the thorough understanding of the most suitable use of technical jargon and business English.   Contact us for additional information   
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