Workshop “Budgeting, Management and Reporting EU Funded Projects”

Brussels – 26, 27, 28 November 2014   The budget of any project proposal is carefully assessed to evaluate the adequacy of the project idea and its overall value for money.  The budgeting process requires a thorough understanding of the overall activities and the costs associated throughout the implementation of the project by the various partners of the consortium.  The budget defined at proposal preparation phase binds the implementation of the project as a whole throughout its lifetime and has direct implications on the success of the project. Managing a EU funded project requires the use of appropriate Project Management tools and techniques to anticipate possible risks and keep track of project implementation, from the launch of the project with the Kick-Off meeting to the final phase of closing the project. All EU funded projects embed financial and technical reporting requirements that mandate careful monitoring during the entire lifetime of the project and beyond. The “Budgeting, Management and Reporting” workshop is designed to provide practical tools and methodologies for appropriate budgeting at preparation and supervision at implementation. The Workshop builds on the direct experience of IDP European Consultants in the implementation and management of EU funded projects.   Contact us for additional information 
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