On July the 9th, the Irish Erasmus+ National Agency communicated the approval of the DEAL – Digital Entrepreneurship for Adult Learners proposal, under the KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for AE.

DEAL stems from a few trends: according to official reports of the EU Commission, more than 40% of Europeans lack basic digital skills and almost half of them are unemployed and at risk of severe socio-economic marginalisation.

In addition, an ageing society is leading to digital and economic divide: low skilled Adult are the ones who are most exposed to risks of socio-economic exclusion due to lack of digital competences.

The macro-scale impacts are profoundly serious, considering how such high rates of unemployment dangerously pressure the overall economic and welfare system of a Country.

Nevertheless, as some real case scenario have shown, for Adult People the modern digital era can also represent an entrepreneurial opportunity and not only a threat: the DEAL project aims to trigger and unlock these potential providing strong, reliable, evidence-based and practical digital entrepreneurship and business management knowledge/tools to empower self-employability and entrepreneurship for low-skilled adults.

The Deal Project tackles various EU priorities:

  • the promotion and valorisation of active aging
  • the digitalisation of the European population (with specific regard to low skilled adults)
  • enhancing and boosting the entrepreneurial spirits across the EU

Partners will take stock of the current landscape of digital entrepreneurship for adult learners, identify trends and dynamics, as well as pinpoint training needs and tools to enhance and mainstream adult entrepreneurship and self-employability through digital opportunities.

DEAL will be co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission and will last 24 months between 2020/22. The project has been submitted and will be implemented by a partnership of seven organisations from five European countries (Belgium, Iceland, Ireland, Italy and Spain).

In the DEAL project, IDP brings its consolidated experience and expertise as a private provider of educational services in self-empowerment and business management, entrepreneurship and competitiveness. IDP builds on its consolidated experience and proven track record of more than 25 years of experience at international and European levels.

In addition, IDP brings into the project its consolidated experience in international project management and reporting, gained in more than 25 years of experience in large collaborative projects.

IDP will also collaborate with the Coordinator to ensure smooth implementation and monitoring of the project.

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