More than 20 years of presence in Brussels

  IDP European Consultants assists private, public and third sector organisations,  as well as Universities and Research Centers, with the following services:
  • Mapping and identification of EU opportunities: tailored and in-depth monitoring of EU programmes, grant opportunities and tenders. Analysis of project ideas and matching with the most relevant opportunities in the frame of EU programmes. The daily and tailored monitoring of EU opportunities allows IDP European Consultants to timely alert clients on specific opportunities across the most relevant programmes and tenders
  • Project development and drafting: drafting of successful proposals based on more than 20 years of direct experience with EU funds: corroborating the relevance in the funding instrument identified, detailing activities and outputs and defining project requirements such as timeline for implementation and budgetary allocations
  • Partnership building and consortium management: thanks to its consolidated and extensive international network, IDP European Consultants is positioned to define solid and reliable consortia for successful project proposals. In addition to structuring the consortium, IDP European Consultants assists in the management of the partnership, helping clients in drafting appropriate Consortium Agreements
  • Project management: IDP European Consultants provides operational and technical support in the management of large and complex projects to ensure smooth implementation and full compliance with monitoring and reporting requirements
  Thanks to its structure and organisation IDP European Consultants developed in depth expertise in all EU Programmes, with some specific competences:   Horizon 2020, COSME and LIFE: multiple years of experience in supporting companies’ competitiveness, internationalisation and RTD/Innovation since the 4 Framework Programme. One of the partners of IDP European Consultants is the Chairman of the Advisory Group on “Access to Risk Finance” for the Horizon 2020 Programme of the DG Research and Innovation, providing inputs to the EU Commission on priorities for the H2020 programme Erasmus Plus, Sport and Social Inclusion: multiple projects approved in the previous LLP programme, an impressive success rate 80% of proposals approved in Erasmus+; moreover, partners of IDP European Consultant are external experts for the Central and National Agencies, complementing the experience of proposal drafting with the direct knowledge of the evaluation process and mechanisms Finance and financial inclusion: sound expertise in financial sector development, financial engineering and inclusion developed thanks to the direct involvement in a wide range of projects pertaining to access to finance, guarantees, financial engineering, crowd-funding and crowd-investing International cooperation and development: in-house expertise in international cooperation programmes and projects. In addition to direct experience in the EU external action programmes (IPA, ENI, DCI), partners of IDP European Consultants have been retained as external evaluators for the ENPI MED CBC Programme. Moreover, one of our partners has more than 10 years of experience in international cooperation, having worked as Project Manager for the World Bank in various emerging economies Third Sector and social inclusion: over the years IDP European Consultants has built a strong capacity to support clients from the Third Sector on various social inclusion themes such as volunteering, social integration and social support services.   Get in touch to explore EU opportunities and funding
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