IDP launches the Boot Camp in EU Project, 25 to 27 of February

IDP hosts the Boot Camp in EU Project proposal writing in Pescara, from 25 to 27 of February. The Boot Camp is not a training course but a hands-on practical workshop in which participants come with an idea and leave with the draft and structure of their proposal.  The Boot Camp is designed for the next round of Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership: participants need to have already a project idea to be able to shape their proposal. boot camp For more information about IDP European Consultants and the Boot Camp: Facebook: Idp European Consultants/Idp Bruxelles  

Scholarship opportunities for young researchers with the CoACH Project of IDP European Consultants funded by Horizon 2020

The CoACH project, coordinated by the Politecnico of Torino and supported by the European Commission through the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action, provides 15 scholarships of 36 months each for the training of young researchers in prestigious academic institutions as well as private companies in seven different European countries. CoACH promotes excellence in advanced research in the areas of glass, ceramics and composite materials for high growth industries such as healthcare, energy and ICT. Who can apply?   coach At the time of recruitment, applicants shall be in the first four years of their research careers and not yet have been awarded a doctoral degree. Furthermore, at the time of recruitment by the host organisation, researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity in the country of the host organisation for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the recruitment date. Gross amount of the fellowship: € 3,110 + monthly mobility allowance (600 to € 1,100 per month depending on dependants). IDP European Consultants is a company specialized in European funding and a partner of the CoACH project funded by the European Commission, Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation. For more information please contact IDP European Consultants at or the coordinator of Coach Project: Prof. Milena Salvo Department of Applied Science and Technology, Politecnico di Torino, Italy CoACH Project is financed by the European Commission Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 – Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action. H2020 logo

IDP at the REVEAL-2 Project Kick Off Meeting

IDP European Consultants launched the OER REVEAL 2 Project: the Kick Off meeting was held in Chieti, Italy on 10 and 11 December. OER REVEAL 2 builds on the success and lessons of REVEAL, a best practice project funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme. reveal 2 The project aims to widen the geographical scale by including new countries and languages, enlarge the technical and operational scope by including new topics for specific training topics devoted to adult learners in the domain of the third sector and volunteering and open the project results to the widest public through Open Educational Resources . The project brings together 12 partners from 11 countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK) ) and is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission. OER REVEAL 2 will produce 21 courses about 7 main topics translated in the 11 languages of the Countries represented by the consortium. During the kick-off meeting, partners defined the scope and scale of the project activities and fine-tuned the layout of the new website that will be updated with the relevant content and information. In addition, partners discussed project management and dissemination aspects to ensure the implementation of the main project deliverables and products according to schedule. For more information about the OER REVEAL 2 project, contact

IDP held the 40° edition of the Master Class in Brussels

IDP European Consultants held in Brussels the 40° edition of the Master Class from 18 to 21 November 2014. The Master Class is a practical training deployed since 1999 on how to develop successful EU project proposals and leverage financing opportunities through EU funding instruments and programmes. The MasterClass is targeted to professionals who wish to acquire effective methodologies and tools to prepare and implement successful EU funded projects.MC 40a Participants especially appreciated the “Shock Therapy”, the practical workshop developed by IDP European Consultants to simulate the drafting of the proposal, its submission and the evaluation process. In facilitating the workshop, the experts of IDP European Consultants provide insight and inputs based on their experience as project managers and evaluators for the European Commission in the phase of assessment of proposals. Through the MasterClass, IDP European Consultants shares with participants its 20 years of experience in EU project financing: the MasterClass is based on the practical and consolidated experience of IDP European Consultants experience as proposers, evaluators and project managers of EU funded projects.   A group of 10 professionals representing local authorities and SMEs participated to the 40th edition of the MasterClass. The next MasterClass is scheduled for April 2015: for more information   Agenzia per la Promozione all’Estero e l’Internazionalizzazione delle Imprese Italiane (Italian Trade Agency) Place de la Liberté 12 – 1000 Brussels bruxelles@ice.itMC40 Tel: 0032.2.2291430   IDP European Consultants Sq. Maurice Wiser, 19 b.te 16 – 1040 Bruxelles Tel: 0032.2.2802766

IDP participates in the third Consortium meeting of the GOAL Project that was held in Wien on 13– 14 November

IDP is a partner of the GOAL Project, co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission (replaced, for the period 2014-2020, by the new programme Erasmus Plus), with a fundamental role in the context of provider of high quality practical trainings.goal2 The 7 GOAL project partners (from Italy, Greece, Austria, Turkey, Poland, Germany and Norway) met in Wien for the third Consortium meeting to continue the exchange of innovative ideas, materials and best practices about the management and implementation of an AL idptraining course. In particular, following the checklist set in the previous meetings, the consortium in-depth analysed the following topics: training material, feedback management, client retention and reputation, contributing to the debate with their personal experience and background as AL providers in various cultural and geographical contexts. Moreover, during the meeting, the consortium set some internal models of deliverables available on-line to be shared with the public. For more information on the GOAL project, check the website: www.goalproject.euíndice

Completata la fase di ricerca del progetto REGIONAL, finanziato dal Lifelong Learning Programme

IDP European Consultants, societa’ specializzata in europrogettazione e finanziamenti europei, continua il suo lavoro per il progetto “REGIONAL – Comparative Analysis of Regional Policies for Adult Learning” finanziato dalla Commissione Europea tramite il Lifelong Learning Programme (sostituito, nella nuova programmazione 2014-2020, dal programma europeo Erasmus Plus.idp Il progetto REGIONAL condurrà un’analisi comparata di come le politiche di apprendimento per adulti vengano sviluppate ed implementate in diversi contesti regionali in Europa.  L’obiettivo primario del progetto è di estrapolare buone prassi per la definizione di migliori politiche per l’apprendimento per adulti, da poter diffondere tra i policy makers a livello regionale e locale. Il consorzio internazionale,composto da 7 partners provenienti da 6 diversi paesi (Germania, Italia, Irlanda, Serbia, Slovacchia e Ungheria), ha completato la fase di ricerca del progetto, identificando documenti di policy e altro materiale utile riguardo la formulazione, la messa in pratica e il finanziamento delle politiche di Apprendimento per Adulti. Inoltre, ciascun partner ha condotto unaprogetti serie di interviste con policy makers a livello locale e regionale e stabilito contatti diretti con stakeholder e rappresentanti in ciascun Paese. IDP, attivamente coinvolta nelle attività di analisi e ricerca, ha sfruttato la sua presenza a Bruxelles per coinvolgere direttamente gli uffici rappresentanti delle Regioni Piemonte, Liguria, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Toscana e Veneto. IDP European Consultants e’ una societa’ italiana presente a Bruxelles dal 1991, esperta in progettazione europea e finanziamenti europei. Oltre a fornire servizi di consulenza nella preparazione e gestione di progetti per i fondi europei, IDP European Consultants offre servizi di formazione in materia di europrogettazione. In particolare, il corso intensivo in Europrogettazione e Finanziamenti Europei, il Master Class in Europrogettazione, arrivato alla sua 40° edizione, che si svolgerà a Bruxelles dal18 al 21 Novembre 2014, e’ organizzato in collaborazione con l’Ufficio di Bruxelles dell’Agenzia per la Promozione allEstero e lnternazionalizzazione delle Imprese Italiane (ICE). índiceIl Master Class coniuga teoria e pratica sulle metodologie di progettazione europea, offrendo un percorso formativo intensivo che fornisce ai partecipanti conoscenze e tecniche vincenti relative alle opportunità di finanziamento erogate dalle istituzioni europee e alla redazione di progetti di successo. IDP mette a disposizione dei propri clienti la propria ventennale esperienza in progettazione europea, servizi per lo sviluppo di idee progettuali, ricerca di partner e project management in ambito europeo. Maggiori dettagli su REGIONAL, gli altri progetti e tutti i servizi offerti sono disponibili sul sito:

The OER REVEAL 2 Project developed by IDP European Consultants selected as the first among 165 proposals submitted under the Erasmus+ in Italy

Another success in EU Project Financing for IDP European Consultants: the OER REVEAL 2 Project developed by IDP European Consultants was the first in the list of approved projects under the Key Action 2 for the Adult reveal269Learning theme of Erasmus + in Italy.   Such success confirms the technical capacity and operational excellence of IDP European Consultants: the REVEAL 2 project scored first among the 165 proposals submitted, of which a mere 7.8% was selected for funding.   Open Educational Resources – Raising Effectiveness of Volunteering in Europe through Adult Learning REVEAL 2 is a repeater of the REVEAL Project that was funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme and that was considered a best practice project both at evaluation for financing and at final evaluation after the successful completion of the project.   REVEAL 2 envisions a consortium of 12 partners from 11 Countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Polond, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the UK) and aims to expanding the scale and the scope of the REVEAL project devoted to enhancing the capacity of the Third Sector and volunteering in Europe   IDP European Consultants assists a variety of clients from the Third Sector as well as companies and local authorities in the identification of the most suitable grant-funding mechanisms among the plethora of opportunities provided by the EU funding instruments.     For more information contact us  

Another success in project financing: the CLAVET project developed by IDP European Consultants approved for funding

IDP European Consultants boasts the impressive success rate of 80% of proposals approved for funding.  The CLAVET Project is the latest example: the project has been developed by IDP European Consultants to bring together 10 partners from 8 countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain and Turkey) to clavet71build an innovative network of local authorities involved in the formulation and implementation of policies for vocational and educational training: Cooperation of Local Authorities for Vocational and Educational Training The CLAVET project was approved for funding under the Erasmus + Programme, Key Action 2, strategic partnerships for vocational and educational training, under which just 31 projects have been selected for funding out of the 190 submitted. IDP European Consultants has more than 20 years of experience in the preparation and management of projects funded under EU programmes. For more information about the CLAVET project and other initiatives of IDP European Consultants contact us                              

IDP at the UN Campus for a workshop on EU project evaluation for project officers of the International Labor Organisation

IDP European Consultants at the Campus of the International Training Center of the ILO / United Nations to simulate the evaluation phase in the European project life-cycle.  Lorenzo Costantino, a partner of IDP European idpilopic70Consultants, facilitated the “shock therapy”, a training session that IDP European Consultants has developed and validated over the years through the MasterClass in EU Project Financing.  The idea behind the “shock therapy” is to simulate the assessment of project proposals to provide the perspective of the evaluators in the project lifecycle.   IDP European Consultants has deployed this specific workshop together with the ILO since 2012, corroborating the technical and operational capacity of IDP European Consultants as provider of high quality content.   IDP European Consultants deliver specialised training solutions tailored to the specific needs of the audience, bringing into the classroom its 20 years of practical experience and proven track record in the preparation, management and monitoring of projects funded under the framework of EU funding programmes.   Contact us for additional information   
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