Social Farming in Europe: IDP Joins The FASST Closing Meeting in Tetovo, Macedonia

September 23rd, 2019

On September 19th, IDP met with the other 8 partners from 5 Countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia and Spain) in Tetovo, Macedonia, for the closing meeting of FASST (Formazione per Agricoltura Sociale e Sviluppo Territoriale), a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.



During the meeting, During the project, an OER Platform has been created with free access for everyone to the developed training courses. Such modules were indeed developed on the basis of an in-depth research at EU level in the Countries involved which highlighted a great deal of unexplored and unexploited potential for social inclusion, employability and rural development, undermined by the lack of a coherent regulatory framework and definition at EU and national levels which very few EU Member States have. The final report available at Partners then tested the training courses on 331 representatives of target groups, getting feedback for further fine-tuning of the courses.

FASST developed 12 Training modules to foster Social Farming entrepreneurial initiatives all over Europe. Training resources will be available in 5 languages (Bulgarian, English, Italian, Macedonian, Spanish) and published on the FASST OER Platform

IDP is a consulting and training company specialised in EU funding. With offices in Italy and Brussels, IDP has a proven track record in the development, submission and management of EU funded international collaborative projects in a wide range of thematic areas such as innovation, finance, entrepreneurship and education.


Contact us for any information about FASST and IDP:

Facebook: IDP Bruxelles

LinkedIn: IDP European Consultants


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