In Brussels since 1991: 25 years of experience in EU Funding


We are movers and shakers with more than 20 years
of experience and proven track record

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A portfolio with more than 15 projects funded by
European Commission

  • An impressive success rate: up to 80% of proposals approved for funding

  • Wide range of clients: companies, universities, public sector and NGOs

  • Our partners are experts and evaluators for the European Commission in various funding Programmes of the likes of Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, ENI, ESPON

  • Highly specialised training solutions: more than 4.500 professionals trained in EU project financing and Project Management


Tailored training solutions on the aspects of EU financing and project management developed and delivered according to the specific needs and preferences of the clients. We can design on-demand training from one-to-one coaching to workshops for up to 60 participants.



Together with clients we develop a strategic approach towards EU financing opportunities. We accompany clients in the definition of project ideas, identification of financing programmes and establishment of project consortium. Clients also rely on IDP’s services for the management and reporting of the project throughout its lifetime.



The new programming period 2014-2020 provides for a wide range of financing opportunities in support of EU policies and strategies. The main funding instruments and programmes are: Horizon 2020, Erasmus Plus, COSME, LIFE.



IDP European Consultants has direct experience on EU projects and grants. We have a proven track record of success and consolidated expertise in the management of large and complex international projects.


Il Master Programme in EU Funding a Bruxelles da Ottobre 2017 a Aprile 2018.

Una professione in espansione: la progettazione europea. L’Unione Europea gestisce ogni anno un budget di oltre 157 miliardi di Euro, in gran parte destinati al finanziamento di progetti. La figura dell’esperto in progettazione europea è richiesta in tutti i settori economici e produttivi (ambiente, cultura, industria, enti pubblici). Un percorso formativo altamente specialistico, che unisce […]

IDP at Politecnico di Torino for a Workshop on Horizon 2020 Projects.

IDP delivered the workshop “Writing H2020 Proposals in Business English” at Politecnico di Torino, 6 – 7 April 2017. The workshop was targeted to 20 professors of Politecnico of Turin and structured in two days of working on how to write a successful proposal in English. IDP European Consultants holds the Master Class in European Financing: a […]

IDP lancia il MasterProgramme in Europrogettazione a Bruxelles.

IDP porta in aula i suoi 25 anni di esperienza in finanziamenti europei ed europrogettazione con il MasterProgramme: corso di alta formazione in finanziamenti Europei della durata di 4 mesi dal 3 aprile al 31 luglio 2017, per un totale di 380 ore, che include un mese di project work in azienda. Il MasterProgramme ha […]


IDP at the EUROCONSUMERS INTERNATIONAL FORUM: Bridging the Gap between Consumers and Businesses in the Digital age – Brussels (BE)

On November 12, IDP attended the first Euroconsumers International Forum – Bridging the gap between consumers and businesses in the digital age – which brought together leading market players, thinkers of the digital world and top consumerists in an informal format, able to set the mood for an out-of-the-box reflection. With an audience of 250 […]

IDP and UNICH Together for a European Project Management Course For Students and Graduates

On Friday, November 8th, Giulia Costantino from IDP introduced a free European Project Management course offered to students and graduates in cooperation with the placement service of the UNICH itself. Click here on the link below for further info on the event, the course and other IDP initiatives! Facebook: IDP Bruxelles LinkedIn : IDP European Consultants    


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