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We are movers and shakers with more than 20 years
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Our experts have a thorough knowledge of the H2020 programme and the SME Instrument

We have experience on research and innovation financing since FP IV and more than 20 years of experience in EU funding instruments

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  • An impressive success rate: up to 80% of proposals approved for funding

  • Wide range of clients: companies, universities, public sector and NGOs

  • Our partners are experts and evaluators for the European Commission in various funding Programmes of the likes of Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, ENI, ESPON

  • Highly specialised training solutions: more than 4.500 professionals trained in EU project financing and Project Management


Tailored training solutions on the aspects of EU financing and project management developed and delivered according to the specific needs and preferences of the clients. We can design on-demand training from one-to-one coaching to workshops for up to 60 participants.



Together with clients we develop a strategic approach towards EU financing opportunities. We accompany clients in the definition of project ideas, identification of financing programmes and establishment of project consortium. Clients also rely on IDP’s services for the management and reporting of the project throughout its lifetime.



The new programming period 2014-2020 provides for a wide range of financing opportunities in support of EU policies and strategies. The main funding instruments and programmes are: Horizon 2020, Erasmus Plus, COSME, LIFE.



IDP European Consultants has direct experience on EU projects and grants. We have a proven track record of success and consolidated expertise in the management of large and complex international projects.



Una professione in forte espansione: la progettazione europea. 157 miliardi di Euro vengono ogni anno gestiti dall’Unione Europea, in gran parte destinati al finanziamento di progetti in tutti i settori economici e produttivi: ambiente, istruzione, cultura, industria, servizi, enti pubblici, cooperazione, formazione. La figura dell’Esperto in Progettazione Europea è sempre più richiesta indipendentemente dallo specifico […]

IDP a Rennes per l’ “Entrepreneurship Workshop” nell’ambito del progetto CoACH, finanziato da Horizon 2020

Lorenzo Costantino, Partner di IDP, ha visitato l’Universita’ di Rennes per il progetto CoACH (Advanced glasses, Composites And Ceramics for High growth Industries) coordinato dal Politecnico di Torino e con partners di eccellenza nella ricerca e industria in ingegneria dei materiali IDP e’ responsabile per la formazione di alta qualità per i ricercatori coinvolti […]

Aperte le iscrizioni al Master Class in Europrogettazione organizzato da IDP a Bruxelles dal 21 al 24 Novembre 2017

IDP European Consultants, società  leader di consulenza e formazione sui finanziamenti europei, terrà a Bruxelles dal 21 al 24 Novembre la 46ᵃ edizione del Master Class in “Finanziamenti Europei ed Europrogettazione” in collaborazione con l’ufficio di Bruxelles dell’Agenzia per la Promozione all’Estero e l’Internazionalizzazione delle Imprese Italiane. Oltre 300 misure di finanziamento con un budget […]


Social Farming in Europe: IDP joins 3rd FASST meeting in Plovdiv

On November 22nd IDP met with the other 8 partners from 5 Countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia and Spain) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, to discuss specific points of FASST (Formazione per Agricoltura Sociale e Sviluppo Territoriale), a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. FASST developed 12 Training modules to foster Social Farming […]

IDP joins the Kick-Off Meeting of the ARTCademy Project funded by Erasmsus+

IDP participated to ARTCademy Kick-Off Metting in Brussels together with 9 Partners from 7 Countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain). The Project treasures European craftmanship sector by preserving ancestral knowledge about possibly soon-to-disappear jobs and providing artisans and crafts with the very business tools and skills to survive and strive. At the […]

IDP in Lecce for the Kick-Off meeting of CLICK CLEVER, an Erasmus + Project

14th November 2018 IDP was in Lecce on November 13th for the Kick-Off Meeting of CLICK CLEVER: Social Education for Digital Tardives, a Project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2. CLICK CLEVER is implemented by a Consortium of 8 Partners from 5 European countries (Belgium, France, Greece, Italy and […]


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