PRESERVING TRADITIONAL ARTS AND CRAFTS : IDP Joins the 2nd Meeting of the ARTCademy Project Funded by Erasmsus +

On May 9th , IDP participated in the 2nd meeting or ARTCademy in Krakow, Poland, together with 9 Partners from 7 Countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain). The Project treasures European craftmanship sector by preserving ancestral knowledge about possibly soon-to-disappear jobs and providing artisans and crafts with the very business tools and […]

IDP in Moscow at the Higher School of Economics to Present on Blockchain and Fintech

Lorenzo Costantino, Sr. Partner of IDP, visited Moscow as a speaker at the XX International Academic Conference on Economic & Social Development hosted by the Higher School of Economics of Moscow.  Mr. Costantino presented the paper he recently co-authored with Prof. Maurizio Pompella of the University of Siena on “Fintech and Blockchain based Innovation: ’Uberization’ […]


April 11th, 2019 The Video Guide for the CREATE platform is online and available on the CREATE YouTube Channel at and shows information about the project website – the partners involved, useful links and glossary to better understand its purpose as a whole. All the contents are in 7 languages (Croatian, Czech, English, German, […]

Economic and Social Sustainability in Europe: AXESS Demo Video Available!

March 25th 2019 The Video Guide for AXESS platform is online and available on the AXESS YouTube Channel at The video shows the project’s purpose, the members involved and associated partners, the training section, case studies, a list of useful words for a better understanding of the project itself and a news section – […]